May 07, 2020


"Postal service Airmail shipping is being delayed & restricted"

Due to the ongoing outbreak, most post office around the world have suspended Registered Airmail service. For those of you that are impacted by this suspension, your package will most likely be returned to us, at some point, if not today. We will be happy to hold your package for unlimited days at our warehouse, until the outbreak subside. As soon as your package made it back to our hand, we will notify you as well as make an offer to upgrade your shipping to Express Mail, as it is still running albeit with delay. Please let us know if you have other inquiry. Please stay safe.

Greetings everyone. We hope you all well and save from the current corona outbreak. We are still open and committed to serve you. Orders are still processed and shipped as usual. We also have several new release updates, already scheduled down the road. Due to this pandemic, we receive words from our postal service that they are currently restricting shipment to several countries.

Restricted countries can only be shipped via Express Mail Service at this moment. Countries that are not within the restricted list, can still be served via Registered Airmail, yet the transit time is uncertain, delay is inevitable. Furthermore, there are few countries in which all shipments are closed due to the lockdown. Please contact us to check if your country is affected with this current policy.

As things stand, we are now offering Digital Delivery, as it is faster, borderless, and it does not incur any shipping fee. Please be aware that you will need a stable high-speed internet connection as well as several basic requirements. Please contact us for more information regarding our Digital Delivery option. We do apologize for any inconvenience and delay that may happened during this outbreak. Have a good day and please stay save.

"SuperSaver orders ($ 99 min) GET FREE SHIPPING until Feb 29, 2020"

Greetings! We hope the New Year 2020 starts off bright for all of you. We understand that often you have to pay more to ship the unwanted packaging. Perhaps all you ever wanted is just to watch the series. Perhaps your home doesn't need extra clutter? Fret not, we are now offering the discounted SuperSaver price, where as we discard the box packaging and ship only the disc with padded envelope. We will recycle the packaging and keep the proceedings. Even better, for limited time, All SuperSaver Blu-Ray order with a minimum purchase of $ 99.00 or more, are entitled for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world, via Registered Airmail. Good deals doesn't last forever! Order Now.

"DVD orders ($ 75 min) GET FREE SHIPPING until Feb 29, 2020"





We are now offering our Blu-Ray product line. With Blu-Ray, you can expect significant improvement in picture, sound, and subtitle quality. This definitely won't be the last update, as more Blu-Ray product will be added very soon, please stay tuned. Sample screenshot can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail pic in our Blu-Ray catalog. Please note that DVD player cannot play Blu-Ray disc. You will need a Blu-Ray player or Blu-Ray drive on your PC and Notebook, in order to play Blu-Ray disc. Be sure to read our FAQs for Blu-Ray system requirements.

Free Shipping is back. All DVD orders with a minimum purchase of $ 75.00 or more, are entitled for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world, via Registered Airmail. All Blu-Ray product are excluded from free shipping. If you ordered both DVD and Blu-Ray, we will charge shipping fee for Blu-Ray product. We wish you a happy holiday, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2020.

"Minimum order $ 75.00 GET FREE SHIPPING until January 1, 2018"


Here are the new update for this December. Please do check our UPDATE LOG for more information. We have a surprise coming up in our next update, which hopefully rolls out before the end of 2019. (hint: see the logo above, beside ANIME logo). Moreover, If you have paid your invoice before January 1, 2018 with a minimum purchase of $ 75.00 or more, you are entitled for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world, via Registered Airmail. We wish you a happy holiday, merry christmas and a wonderful new year 2018.

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